Fedaration of Associations of Cottage & Small Industries (FACSI)was born in the year 1972, solely to cater to the needs of the Member-entrepreneurs in the micro and small sectors, including Service Sector.

Mission - Vision

      Establishing close contacts between the Govt. both the centre and state with the MSME Entrepreneur.
      Taking up issues related to the development of MSME sector.
      Monitoring closely the implementation of various schemes meant for this sector.
      Facilitating exportable items manufactured by the entrepreneus of the sector in countries like Nepal,
         Bhutan, Sri Lanka and other neighbouring countries and to Bangladesh through its fraternal Organisation
         viz, National Association of Small & Cottage Industries of Bangladesh, (NASCIB)
      Providing and circulating important and significant information pertaining to this sector through its monthly
         Newsletter SILPONNATI, by name.